Kids, music 'n' autism : bringing out the music in your child /

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London ; Philadelphia : Jessica Kingsley Publishers,, United Kingdom, p.167 pages : (2017)



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Children with autism spectrum disorders, Education., Instruction and study., Music, Music therapy for children., Special education.


Includes bibliographical references and index.Overture. About kids 'n' music : a letter to parents -- How and why to think beyond the spectrum. Why music? ; Music makes good sense ; Quick overview of this book -- The sense-ability of the musical brain. Music and sensory education from the beginning ; Music and the vestibular and proprioceptive senses ; Music and the auditory, visual, and tactile systems ; Music and anxiety reduction -- Music for all ages and any function. Birth to six: Music for the developing emotional brain ; Seven to 12 years: Music for social, physical, and sensory regulation ; Ten years and up: Music for the cultured adult "teen" ; Conclusion --Music lessons, music therapy, or both? Music lessons ; A word about Dalcroze Eurhythmics ; How to find and select a music teacher ; Would music therapy be a better way to begin? ; Finding a music therapist ; How to interview a music therapist ; Summary review -- What instrument should I choose for my child? A word about studying a musical instrument ; Where and how to begin : recorder, kazoo, the voice! ; The piano ; Stringed instruments for the beginner ; Woodwind and brass instruments ; Drums ; En fin : in the end -- Lessons, practice, and penalties. To force or not to force, that is the question ; Review and some final thoughts -- Taking your child to a concert. Prelude to a live concert ; What to do before concert day ; At the concert ; Where to sit; how long to remain; what behaviors to expect ; Special considerations ; Conclusion --Music and exceptional needs. Musically gifted and diagnosed ; Auditory and visual obstacles ; Hyperarousal -- Useful information and helpful resources. On brain development ; Music therapy resources ; Dalcroze Eurhythmics resources -- Cadence -- Finale."Many children with autism feel a natural connection with music, but don't always find it easy to participate in musical activities. Packed with tips, advice and activities, this book shows how music and rhythm can help with brain development and quality of life, and how to encourage a genuine enjoyment of music. Dr Berger draws on her many years of experience in music-based clinical work, teaching and coaching, to answer common questions regarding musical interactions for children with autism. From what instrument to choose, how to find the right teacher, how to get your child to practice music, and even taking children to public music events, this book has all the essential information for you to dip into as and when needed. With practical information to help you solve problems that may arise, such as sensory overload, let this book guide you and your child towards positive interactions with music, regardless of whether or not they have prior musical abilities." --Publisher description.