Anxiety muted : American film music in a suburban age /

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New York, NY : Oxford University Press,, United States, p.xviii, 298 pages : illustrations, music ; 24 cm (2015)



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(OCoLC)fst01027201, (OCoLC)fst01146957, (OCoLC)fst01201692, fast, Filmmusik, USA., History and criticism., Motion picture music, Motion picture music., sfit, Suburban life in popular culture, Suburban life in popular culture., Television music, Television music., United States, United States.


Includes bibliographical references and index.The most familiar entertainment icons and storylines from the 1950s and 60s remain potent signs that continue to resonate within contemporary American society and culture. Both the political Left and Right invoke the events and memories of those decades, celebrating or condemning the competing social forces embodied in and unleashed during those years. In recent decades, the entertainment industry has capitalized on this trend with films and television shows that take a look back on the 1950s and 1960s with a mixture of nostalgia and criticism. Anxiety Muted: American Film Music in a Suburban Age explores how the central concerns of the Fifties and Sixties--and resulting treatment in the motion picture media--can be examined and understood through the music of the time period. With its focus on soundtrack and scoring, the book demonstrates that specific television shows and films offer a more nuanced vision of community and conformity than is usually recognized, revealing much about our own current social anxieties [Publisher description].A survey of history, themes, and trends / Stanley C. Pelkey II -- Music and mimicry in Sunset Boulevard (1950) / Christina Gier -- Who's who in Hadleyville : the civic voice in High noon (1952) / Anthony Bushard -- Anxieties of accuracy : Miklós Rózsa's score for Quo vadis (1951) / Linda K. Schubert -- "Whatever will be, will be" : gender equality and the music of Alfred Hitchcock's The man who knew too much (1956) / Joshua Neumann -- Music, maturity, and the moral geography in Leave it to Beaver (1957-1963) / Stanley C. Pelkey II -- The whole truth : music as truth in The twilight zone (1959-1964) / Reba Wissner -- "Living in harmony"? : American music and individualism in The prisoner (1967-1968) / Joanna Smolko and Tim Smolko -- The sound of disability : music, the obsessive avenger, and eugenics in America / Meghan Schrader -- Masculinity, race, and the blues in the bizpic Cadillac records (2008) / Jesse Schlotterbeck -- Comin' back to the sixties : mobilizing music and performing politics, 1988-1990 / Christopher D. Stone -- Late-adolescence in the American sixties : "The twist" and the twentysomethings in AMC's Mad men (2007- ) / Samantha London -- Musically recreating the fifties in Far from heaven (2002) / Mariana Whitmer -- The very essence of tragic reality : Aaron Copland and Thomas Newman's suburban scoring / Anthony Bushard.