Litpop : writing and popular music /

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Burlington, VT : Ashgate,, United States, p.xiv, 243 pages ; (2014)



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History and criticism., Music and literature., Popular music


Includes bibliographical references and index.Introduction. Writing and popular music : litpop in, and, as the world / Rachael Carroll and Adam Hansen -- Part I : making litpop. 1. 'A burlesque of art' : Three men in a boat, music hall and the imperial mimicry of the Victorian urban explorer / David Ibitson ; 2. 'You can't just say "words"' : literature and nonsense in the work of Robert Wyatt / Richard Elliott ; 3. Perfect pop story : Sarah Records (1987-1995) / Elodie Amandine Roy ; 4. 'Fate songs' : musical agency and the literary soundtrack in D.B.C. Pierre's Vernon God little / Gerard Moorey ; 5. 'We are turning cursive letters into knives' : the synthesis of the written word, sound and action in riot grrrl cultural resistance / Julia Downes -- Part II: Thinking litpop. 6. Defining qualities : making a voice for rock and pop music in the English quality news press / Jennifer Skellington ; 7. Trauma and degeneration : joy division and pop criticism's imaginative historicism / Paul Crosthwaite ; 8. Is 'natural' in it? Gang of four, scritti politti and gramsci / David Wilkinson ; 9. 'You should try lying more' : the nomadic impermanence of sound and text in the work of Bill Drummond / Nathan Wiseman-Trowse ; 10. Fela versus Craze world : notes on the Nigerian grotesque / Hugh Hodges -- Part III. Consuming litpop. 11. '[S]he loved him madly' : music, mixtapes and gendered authorship in Alan Warner's Morvern callar / Rachel Carroll ; 12. Audio books : the literary origins of grooves, labels and sleeves / Richard Osborne ; 13. 'Our histories could fill a megastore' : Paul Farley in conversation with Adam Hansen ; 14. Coda / Sheila Whiteley.