The Oxford handbook of film music studies

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p.x, 683 pages : (2014)


9780195328493 (hardcover) :

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History and criticism., Motion picture music


Formerly CIP.Includes bibliographical references and index.Overview / David Neumeyer -- Music and the ontology of the sound film / James Buhler and David Neumeyer -- Opera and film / Marcia Citron -- Visual representation of film sound as analytical tool / Rick Altman -- Film music from the perspective of cognitive science / Annabel Cohen -- Composing for film / Peter Schweinhardt and Johannes C. Gall ; translated by Oliver Dahin -- Ontological, formal, and critical theories of film music and sound / James Buhler -- Drawing a new narrative for cartoon music / Daniel Goldmark -- Genre theory and the film musical / Cari McDonnell -- The tunes they are a-changing / Jeff Smith -- The compilation soundtrack from the 1960s to the present / Julie Hubbert -- The origins of musical style in video games, 1977-1983 / Neil Lerner -- Classical music, virtual bodies, narrative film / Lawrence Kramer -- Gender, sexuality, and the soundtrack / James Buhler -- Psychoanalysis, apparatus theory, and subjectivity / James Buhler -- Case studies--introduction / Robynn Stilwell -- Case study 1, The order of sanctity / Mitchell Morris -- Case study 2, Strange recognitions and endless loops / Julie McQuinn -- Transformational theory and the analysis of film music / Scott Murphy -- Listening in film / Marianne Kielian-Gilbert -- Auteurship and agency in television music / Ronald Rodman -- When the music surges / Michael Pisani -- Audio-visual palimpsests / Julie Brown -- Performance practices and music in early cinema outside hollywood / Kathryn Kalinak -- Performing prestige / Nathan Platte.