Telling sounds. Tracing music history in digital media archives.

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Hollitzer Wissenschaftsverlag, Wien, Austrai, p.200 p. (2023)



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The importance of audio-visual documents for new approaches in the field of musicology00How are music and sound involved in the creation of audiovisual documents? What kind of quantitative and qualitative research permits the examination of music and, more generally, sound for Austrian (music) history on the basis of digitized audiovisual sources? These questions were approached in the interdisciplinary Digital Humanities project Telling Sounds? at the University of Music and Performing Arts.00This volume consists of various case studies conducted by the members of the team. The project?s main task was the conception00and development of a Digital Humanities research tool: LAMA Linked Annotations for Media Analysis. It was designed for the purpose of using machine-readable open data to annotate and link the ways in which music has been used and contextualized in different audio and audiovisual media texts in different times throughout Austrian history. Each of the case studies is dedicated to different genres of music, media texts, and events or timespans in history.