Deep practice, peak performance : the science of musical learning /

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The Royal Academy of Music,, Aarhus, Denmark, p.122 pages : (2017)



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Instruction and study., Music, Performance practice (Music), Performance., Practicing (Music)


Includes bibliographical references."'Deep Practice: Peak Performance' offers a comprehensive examination of the advancements in music practice and performance research achieved in recent decades. Drawing upon a diverse range of disciplines, including music pedagogy, neuroscience, sports science, and performance psychology, this book presents a thorough exploration involving a plethora of studies that investigate various methodologies and their practical applications. This scholarly work caters to both professional musicians and serious students aiming to enhance their skills as well as educators seeking to provide better guidance to their students. By incorporating the latest scientific insights, the book elucidates the intricate processes involved in talent development and explores optimal brain states for learning and performance. It further investigates efficient strategies for acquiring musical material, considering pedagogical traditions alongside empirical findings and theoretical considerations. 'Deep Practice: Peak Performance' advocates for an evidence-based, hands-on approach to optimal performance under pressure, eschewing mystical notions. Through its rigorous research and grounded perspectives, this book further equips musicians and pedagogues with practical tools to transcend limitations and achieve heightened artistry and expressivity."--Back cover.