Popular music and parenting

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Routledge,, New York, United States, p.x, 158 pages : (2023)

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(OCoLC)fst01030471, (OCoLC)fst01053407, (OCoLC)fst01071460, Aspect social., fast, Music and children., Musique et enfants., Musique populaire, Parenting, Parenting., Popular music, Rôle parental., Social aspects.


Includes bibliographical references and index.Introduction. Starting the Conversation about Popular Music and Parenting / Shelley Brunt and Liz Giuffre -- There Is No Such Thing as Children's Music : Forming Relationships between Parents, Carers and Children / Liz Giuffre -- Children, Parenting and Music Media / Liz Giuffre -- Popular Music and Parenting Engagement through Digital Distribution / Liz Giuffre -- Songs about Parent/Carer and Child Relationships / Liz Giuffre -- Toward a Parent-Friendly Music Industry : Insights from Workers during the COVID Pandemic / Shelley Brunt -- Can I Bring My Kid to the Gig? / Shelley Brunt -- Baby Shark in the Global Children's Mediascape / Shelley Brunt -- Conclusion. Future Directions for Popular Music and Parenting / Shelley Brunt and Liz Giuffre."Popular Music and Parenting explores the culture of popular music as a shared experience between parents and young children. Offering a critical overview of this topic from a popular music studies perspective, this book expands our assumptions about how young audiences and caregivers experience music together. Using both case studies and wider analysis, the authors explore music listening and participation between children and parents in both domestic and public settings, ranging across children's music media, digital streaming, live concerts, formal and informal popular music education, music merchandising, and song lyrics. Placing young children's musical engagement in the context of the music industry, changing media technologies, and popular culture, Popular Music and Parenting paints a richly interdisciplinary picture of the intersection of popular music with the parent-child relationship"--