Shy : the alarmingly outspoken memoirs of Mary Rodgers /

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Farrar, Straus and Giroux,, New York, NY, United States,, 467 pages : (2022)



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"The memoirs of Mary Rodgers--writer, composer, Broadway royalty, and "a woman who tried everything.""--The daughter of one composer and the mother of another, Mary Rodgers was herself a composer, whose musical Once Upon a Mattress remains one of the rare revivable Broadway hits written by a woman. Here she tells how she became not just a theater figure in her own right but also a renowned author of books for young readers (including the classic Freaky Friday) as well as a doyenne of philanthropy and the chairman of the Juilliard School. --Hostilities -- Love me tonight -- A genuine princess -- Too good to be true -- The blue room -- Leaving the building -- Six days a week -- I don't perform -- Away we go! -- Is there any money in it? -- What's the use of wond'rin? -- Darling, je vous aime beaucoup -- Myopics -- More than once upon a mattress -- Et quatenus masculinum et femininam -- Holiday for heartstrings -- Someone's getting worse -- Some of my best friends -- Dubonnet -- A craw full -- And then I wrote -- My own individual star -- Lenny: a rhapsody -- For there is much to dare -- I had confidence -- Fair game -- Chip off the old blockbuster -- What's my motivation? -- Way down deep I'm demure -- The breakage -- East side story -- Will not endure -- Aren't we all? -- Mars landing -- No don't! -- What, me worry? -- The boy from -- Some bombs -- The rake's progress -- Two minds -- Dingue dingue dingue -- Enemas for elephants -- Give and get -- I dismember mama -- A major canon -- N.A.C. -- Are we anywhere? -- The yellow room.