Sergei Rachmaninoff : cross rhythms of the soul /

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Lexington Books,, Lanham, United States, p.xi, 386 pages : (2022)

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(OCoLC)fst00871620, (OCoLC)fst01063351, Biography., Composers, Composers., fast, Pianists, Pianists.


Includes bibliographical references and index.Rachmaninoff's Origins -- Early Education -- Birth of a Composer-Pianist -- Birth of a Conductor -- The Muses -- Mystery of an Immortal Beloved -- Marriage to Natalia Satina -- Rachmaninoff's Aesthetics -- Rachmaninoff's Religiosity -- Transitions -- The Legendary Virtuoso Pianist -- Rachmaninoff as Humanitarian -- Paradise Regained: The Villa Senar -- The Last Bow : Rachmaninoff and America -- Afterword. Rachmaninoff's Legacy in the Twenty-First Century."This book presents new information about Rachmaninoff accessed from unique sources previously unavailable in English. From the extraordinary women who inspired him, to his humanitarian work, to his religion, Nollan interweaves Rachmaninoff's personal struggles and triumphs into his concert career"--