The Oxford handbook of timbre

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Oxford University Press,, New York, United States, p.xii, 723 pages : (2021)

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(OCoLC)fst01126935, (OCoLC)fst01152492, aat, fast, Sound., timbre (acoustics concept), Timbre., Tone color (Music)


Includes bibliographical references and index.Introduction. -- Timbre : Alternative Histories and Possible Futures for the Study of Music / Emily I. Dolan and Alexander Rehding -- Part I. Philosophies. The Matter of Timbre : Listening, Genealogy, Sound / Daniel Villegas Vélez -- Deconstruction and Timbre / Naomi Waltham-Smith -- Timbrality : The Vibrant Aesthetics of Tone Color / Isabella van Elferen -- Qur'an Alphabetics and the Timbre of Recitation / Peter McMurray -- Translations : Adorno and Dahlhaus / Thomas Patteson -- The Function of Timbre in Music (1966) / Theodor W. Adorno -- On the Theory of Instrumentation (1985) / Carl Dahlhaus -- Part II. Histories and Cultures. -- Ethereal Timbres / Emily I. Dolan and Thomas Patteson -- Timbre-Centered Listening in the Soundscape of Tuva / Theodore Levin and Valentina Süzükei -- Tracing Timbre in Ancient Greece / Naomi Weiss -- Early Modern Voices / Bettina Varwig -- Timbre Before Timbre : Listening to the Effects of Organ Stops, Violin Mutes and Piano Pedals c. 1650-1800 / Deirdre Loughridge -- Schoenberg as Sound Student : Pierrot's Klang / Joseph Auner -- Futurist Timbres : Listening Failure in Milan, 1909-1914 / Gavin Williams -- Part III. Technologies. -- Timbral Thievery : Synthesizers and Sonic Materiality / Jonathan De Souza -- Timbre/Techne / Alexander Rehding -- Technology and Timbre : Features of the Changing Instrumental Soundscape of the Long Nineteenth Century (1789-1914) / Elizabeth Bradley Strauchen-Scherer -- Don't Choose the Nightingale : Timbre, Index, and Birdsong in Respighi's "Pini di Roma" / Arman Schwartz -- The Naturalization of Timbre : Two Case Studies / Alexandra Hui -- Music for Cochlear Implants / Stefan Helmreich -- Part IV. Perception and Analysis. Perceptual Processes in Orchestration / Meghan Goodchild and Stephen McAdams -- Timbre as Harmony--Harmony as Timbre / Robert Hasegawa -- Timbre and Polyphony in Balinese Gamelan / Michael Tenzer -- Describing Sound : the Cognitive Linguistics of Timbre / Zachary Wallmark and Roger A. Kendall -- Timbre, Komplexeindruck, and Modernity : Klangfarbe as a Catalyst of Psychological Research in Carl Stumpf, 1890-1926 / Sebastian Klotz -- Pitch vs. Timbre / Daniel K. S. Walden -- "Where Were You When You Found Out Singer Bobby Caldwell Was White?" : Racialized Timbre as Narrative Arc / Nina Sun Eidsheim and Schuyler Whelden."With essays covering an array of topics including ancient Homeric texts, contemporary sound installations, violin mutes, birdsong, and cochlear implants, this volume reveals the richness of what it means to think and talk about timbre and the materiality of the experience of sound"--