Dancing about architecture is a reasonable thing to do : writing about music, meaning, and the ineffable /

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Cascade Books,, Eugene, Oregon, United States, p.xvi, 148 pages ; (2022)

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(OCoLC)fst01071422, fast, Histoire et critique., History and criticism., Musique populaire, Popular music, Popular music.


Includes bibliographical references.On writing about music. Why dancing about architecture is a reasonable thing to do ; (I feel sad that Chris Walla is no longer in Death Cab for Cutie and other emotions) ; What dancing about architecture does, or How words and dreams and a million screams meke Weezer ; (A list of things that might happen when you write about music) ; How dancing about architecture is possible, or What is this, and is it any good? ; (Confession of faith) -- Attempts at dancing about architecture. Faith. All things go : how Sufjan Stevens changed what it means to make Christian music ; How not to listen to Sufjan Stevens ; Luxury : transcendence and transgression ; Superfluous beauty : an interview with Slim Moon ; Lament. Old Time Bible House ; Lord have mercy ; the songs and life of Judee Sill ; Ripping through flesh, wailing ; Hope. The Dears : Protest ; There is only one thing : Stars and the soft revolution ; Dance dance revolution ; Rocking out with the Weakerthans ; Transcendence. Perfect sound forever ; Groans too deep ; The lemon of Pink ; Self. Invisible balloon ; World wide Pants ; Static waves ; (Coda: Silence).