Production management in live music : managing the technical side of touring in today's music industry /

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Routledge,, New York, United States, p.144 pages : (2022)

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Concert tours, Concerts, Production and direction.


Includes bibliographical references and index.Introduction -- My History -- Production Management -- Leadership and Communication -- Key Relationships -- Touring Staff -- The Crew -- The Stage -- The Advance -- Sample Rider -- Good Advice -- The On Sale -- The Show -- Festival Production Management -- Time -- Labour -- Vendors -- Transport and Freight -- CAD -- January 2001 -- Security -- The Economics of Touring -- Health and Safety -- Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion."Production Management in Live Music: Managing the Technical Side of Touring in Today's Music Industry is a handbook for the aspiring production manager looking to forge a career in the live music industry. This book outlines the role that a production manager performs and their key responsibilities, and takes the reader step by step through the entire process of preparing a show for a tour. From dealing with artists and management to hiring crew, from booking vendors and scheduling the day-to-day of a busy tour, this text covers everything that is needed to take the show into rehearsals and finally on the road. Every aspect of the job is covered, including the very important challenges that face today's industry in the realms of sustainability, inclusion, diversity and mental health. Whether the show be on a festival, in a small theatre or club, or in a modern arena, this book clearly lays out the tasks and challenges and offers practical solutions to ensure the smooth running of a live performance. Production Management in Live Music is written for students in stage and production management courses and emerging professionals working in live music touring"--