Listening after nature : field recording, ecology, critical practice /

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Bloomsbury Academic,, New York, United States, p.viii, 213 pages ; (2022)

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(OCoLC)fst01762200, (OCoLC)fst01923039, Aspect de l'environnement., Aspect moral., Ecomusicology., Enregistrements de terrain (Musique), Environmental aspects., Écomusicologie., fast, Field recordings, Moral and ethical aspects., Paysages sonores (Musique), Philosophie et esthétique., Philosophie., Philosophy and aesthetics., Philosophy., Son (Philosophie), Sound (Philosophy), Soundscapes (Music)


Includes bibliographical references and index.Recoding the field -- Constructing nature -- Stretching site -- Following the flow -- Conclusion: Pressing record and pressing play: on suspicious listening and affirmative ethics."Listening After Nature questions the reality of auditory natures. It argues that the line between wilderness and industrial culture is dull, and the natural world is presently a critical construct that entangles humans, animals, sites and technologies. Bringing new insights to the field of environmental sound arts in areas such as field recording, acoustic ecology and soundscape studies, Wright examines contemporary and archival audio works and calls for a 'post-natural' approach to sound. The book propels sounds arts discourse into critical relationship with the environmental humanities and contemporary approaches dealing with the consequences of Anthropogenic change. Critical and imaginative, this is a book that forges urgent debate between sound, ethics, aesthetics and ecology"--