Pearl Jam's Vs

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Bloomsbury Publishing,, Volume 154, [London, England, United Kingdom] New York City, United States, p.1 online resource (160 pages). (2020)

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(OCoLC)fst00948632, bicssc, fast, Grunge music, Grunge music., History and criticism., Individual composers & musicians, specific bands & groups., United States


Includes bibliographical references.Introduction: My Generation Loved Their Town BAND VS. FAME 1. Grunge Glory & Growing Pains 2. Vedder Under Pressure BAND VS. WORLD 3. Five Against One: ?Go? -- ?Leash? 4 Seeds of Activism: ?Animal? -- ?Rats? -- ?Daughter? -- ?Dissident? -- ?W.M.A.? 5. Taking (and Throwing) Punches: ?Blood? -- ?Indifference? BAND VS. SELF 6. The Once and Future Producer: ?Rearviewmirror? -- ?Better Man? -- ?Crazy Mary? 7. Rhythm and Blues: ?Glorified G? BAND VS. FUTURE 8. Not Changing at All: ?Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town? 9. The Means to Make Amends Thanks Notes"A discussion of how Pearl Jam's 1993 follow-up to its debut smash Ten-and the band's concurrent retreat from the spotlight-laid the groundwork for what the band became: a Rock & Roll Hall of Fame-honored partnership that remains true to its deliberate, socially responsible roots"--Compliant with Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Content is displayed as HTML full text which can easily be resized or read with assistive technology, with mark-up that allows screen readers and keyboard-only users to navigate easily