The show must go on : what the performing arts were doing when they weren't doing what we know they do /

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JM Publishing,, Bonner, ACT, Australia, p.136 pages : (2021)




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Prepublication record (machine generated from publisher information)They say that time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. -Andy WarholThroughout the ages, the world has been hit hard by global pandemics- The Plague, the Spanish Flu, and now COVID-19.The Performing Arts are usually the first to be shut down and often the last to be allowed to start back up again. Yet creativity, critical awareness of the human condition and comic relief are perhaps needed more than anything in times such as these.As I photographed each person for this book, I learned more about the industry and what makes it so unique. The people who work within the Performing Arts industry are resilient by nature and many of them have re-invented themselves and their income streams, passing time until the magic is allowed to happen again.These are their stories.