Distant Dreams : the correspondence of Percy Grainger and Burnett Cross, 1946-60 : with interviews, lectures and other writings on Free Music by Burnett Cross /

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Lyrebird Press,, Parkville, Vic., Australia, p.xvii, 182 pages : (2020)



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(OCoLC)fst00824287, Avant-garde (Music), Design and construction., Electronic musical instruments, fast, Mechanical musical instruments


Includes bibliographical references and index."Percy Grainger's childhood imagining of a music capable of reproducing the sounds of nature was translated, in his later life, into the creation of wondrously inventive "Free Music" machines. Mostly made from found materials, these machines take their place in a proud tradition of sound art, at a point where the aural and the visual intersect. Two minds converged on the creation of the machines: the one self-taught and intuitive, the other scientifically trained and rigorous. The exchange of letters between the two men charts their journey of discovery and the friendship that grew from it: a grand passionate human adventure."--Back cover.