Fontes Artis Musicae 67/4 Now Available

Cover of FontesThe vol. 67, no. 4 (October-December 2020) issue of Fontes Artis Musicae is now available online via Project Muse and on the IAML website for members. The issue contains the following:


  • From French Romances to Music for Benjamin Franklin: An Examination of the D’Artois Collection from the House of the Countess of Artois, Wife of King Charles X of France  Clémence Destribois
  • Italian Cataloguing Rules for Unpublished Music Resources  Sabina Benelli
  • Apolinary Kątski: A Nineteenth-Century Master of Self-Promotion  Ewa Chamczyk
  • Notes on the Discography of Ingmar Bergman’s Record Collection  Louise Eulau

Briefs / Feuilletons


  • Electronic Inspirations: Technologies of the Cold War Musical Avant-Garde. By Jennifer Iverson  Paul Schreiber
  • Dommusikarchiv Salzburg (A–SD). Thematischer Katalog der musikalischen Quellen, Reihe A. Bearbeitet von Eva Neumayr und Lars E. Laubhold unter der Projektleitung von Ernst Hintermaier, RISM Arbeitsgruppe Salzburg  Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl
  • Musik am Dom zu Salzburg. Repertoire und liturgisch gebundene Praxis zwischen Hochbarocker Repräsentation und Mozart-Kult. Von Eva Neumayr, Lars E. Laubhold und Ernst Hintermaier  Karina Zybina
  • Routledge Handbook to Luigi Nono and Musical Thought. By Jonathan Impett  Robert Adlington
  • Das Bilderlexikon der deutschen Schellack-Schallplatten.  By Rainer E. Lotz with Michael Gunrem and Stephan Puille  Ruprecht Langer
  • Nostalgia for the Future: Luigi Nono’s Selected Writings and Interviews. Edited by Angela Ide De Benedictis and Veniero Rizzardi  Jonathan Impett


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