Fontes Artis Musicae 67/1 Now Available

Cover of Fontes Artis Musicae for the January-March 2020 issueThe January-March 2020 issue of Fontes Artis Musicae (Vol. 67, no. 1) is now available electronically via Project Muse and the IAML website. Here are the contents:


  • Miss Austen Plays Pleyel: An Additional Source for the Jane Austen Family Music Collection?  Marian Wilson Kimber
  • Der Nachlass des Musikwissenschaftlers Robert-Aloys Mooser (1876–1969) in den Bibliotheken Genf und Basel. Dokumente zur Kulturvermittlung zwischen der Schweiz und (Sowjet-) Russland  Sonja Erhardt
  • ‘In the Mirror of Criticism’: The Film-Music Debate on REICHSFILMBLATT from 1924 to 1929 (with a Source Catalogue)  Francesco Finocchiaro

Briefs / Feuilletons


  • Bach and the Counterpoint of Religion. Edited by Robin A. Leaver  Alon Schab
  • Debussy’s Legacy and the Construction of Reputation. By Marianne Wheeldon  Keith E. Clifton
  • Le Modèle et l’Invention: Messiaen et la Technique de l’Emprunt. By Yves Balmer, Thomas Lacôte, Christopher Brent Murray  Marie-Gabrielle Soret
This content is now available free on the Project Muse platform until 30 June 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, print copies of the journal are delayed until non-essential businesses re-open.


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