The 5th IMC World Forum on Music, Brisbane 21-24 November - call for videos

1001 Voices on Musical Futures: Call for Videos

While over a thousand music professionals are expected to gather in Brisbane from 21-24 November for the 5th IMC World Forum on Music, we know that many others won't be able to join us for a variety of reasons. To ensure that their ideas and opinions can feed into this important event, a dedicated YouTube channel has been created. Between now and November 2013, we hope to post '1001 Voices on Musical Futures', where, in no more than five minutes, interviewees summarise the key issues they identify as crucial to sustaining music and engaging communities as we approach 2020 and beyond. The first recordings are now live at

Member organisations of the International Music Council, their affiliates across the world as well as other participants in WFM5 are now invited to identify and interview individuals across the globe with interesting views on the challenges and potential to music sustainability in their specific culture or area of activity, whether it be local or global. This may relate to creation, performance, community engagement, instrument making, archiving, copyright, censorship, event management, music criticism, audiences, funding, or any other area touching the lives of those passionately or professionally engaged in music.

In addition to running as an independent YouTube channel and featuring prominently on the website of the organising partners, the 1001 voices will be part of a video-installation at WFM5 in Brisbane, and some of the most appealing and outspoken voices will be invited to share their views in a live and/or webcast debate in November 2013. In this way, the conference will embrace and disseminate the greatest possible diversity of voices from all cultures and strata of society, and resonate across the world of music.

Submitting a video in five easy steps:

Identify an individual in your organisation, community, or area of work who you feel has worthwhile views on the future of music related to the conference themes

  1. Find a well-lit, quiet place (with not too much background noise) and ask the interviewees to speak uninterruptedly for no more than five minutes expressing their key ideas, preferably in English (or supply a translation in English)
  2. Record and keep in a separate recording the name, profession (or place in community/organisation) of the interviewee, as well as permission / any restrictions to use this video for '1001 Voices'
  3. For consistency, please record only the interviewee, from the waste up (so expressions and gestures are captured) with a digital handycam (or a high quality phone, preferably iPhone 3 or higher)
  4. Once you have recorded the video (and edited it down to a maximum of five minutes), please email and request a password to upload it to YouTube. In your email, please mention interviewee's name, email address, topics (to inform tags), any restrictions on permission to use the video (please keep a copy of the permission on video or in writing), as well as interviewer's name, date and location of the interview.

You will then be sent a password and further assistance to submit your video.


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