Fontes contents 2000 (vol. 47)

Volume 47/1, January - March 2000

  • Tribute to John May Pam Thompson
  • Music manuscripts and special collection of printed music in the National Library of Scotland Alastair Cherry, Roger Duce, Murray Simpson and Iain Maciver
  • The Scottish Music Information Centre Morag Brooksbank
  • Music in the new British Library Hugh Cobbe
  • Music Libraries Online: a virtual union catalogue for music Katherine Hogg
  • Music for the terrified: basic music courses for library staff Liz Hart and Ruth Hellen
  • A distance learning course for music librarianship in the UK Ian Ledsham
  • The music of Orlando Gibbons in printed edition, 1625-1925 Richard Turbet
  • EARL: bringing UK public to the network Noëlle Mann
  • Performance sets Malcom Jones
  • The Prokofiev Archive and the Centre for Russian Music Noëlle Mann
  • New York Public Library Drexel MS 5611: English Keyboard Music of the Early Restoration Candace Bailey


  • Opera and song books published in England, 1703-1726. By David Uniter John Wagstaff
  • Popular Musicians. Edited by Steve Hochman Laura Dankner
  • Violin fraud: deception, forgery, theft and lawsuits in England and America, Second edition. By brian W.Harvey and Carla J. Shapreau John Dilworth
  • Latin Jazz: the first of the fusions, 1880 to today. By John Storm Roberts Robin Moore
  • Music in Latin American culture: regional traditions. Edited by John M. Schechter Robin Moore
  • A catalogue of early printed edition of the Works of Frédéric Chopin in the University of Chicago Library. By George W. Platzman Chris Walton
  • Der Kusikverlg Johann André in Offenbach am Main: Studien zur Verlagstätigkeit von Johann Anton André und Verzeichnis del Musikalien fon 1800 bis 1840. By Britta Constapel Chris Walton


Volume 47/2-3, April - September 2000

Guest Editor: Dominique Hausfater

  • Editorial
  • Préface Dominique Hausfater
  • La Cité de la musique
    • La médiathèque Hector Berlioz du Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de Paris, France de Rasilly
    • Le centre de Documentation de la Musique Contemporaine (C.D.M.C.) Marianne Lyon
    • Le centre d'informations musicales de la Cité de la musique Christiane Louis
    • La médiathèque pédagogique de la Cité de la musique Corinne Brun
    • Le centre de documentation du Musée de la musique Patrice Verrier
  • La musique à la Bibliothèque nationale de France
    • Les sources écrites Catherine Massip
    • Les sources audiovisuelles Elizabeth Giuliani
  • Bibliothèques publiques
    • La musique dans les bibliothèques publiques françaises Dominique Hausfater
    • La musique dans des bibliothèques publiques de la ville de Paris Nathalie Sicard
    • La place du secteur musique dans les bibliothèques municipales à vocation régionale (BMVR) Danielle Collard, Françoise Berard
  • L'inventaire du patrimoine musical régional français (1989-2000): organisation et méthodes de travail Cécile Grand
  • Les ressources documentaires en France sur les musiques d'Europe de l'Est Maria Nyeki
  • L'édition musicale française à la croisée des chemins François Madurell
  • Musique contemporaine française: quelques tendances Bruno Giner
  • Abstracts of articles (in English)


  • Composers on Modern Musical Culture: an Anthology of Readings on Twentieth-Century Music. Ed. Bryan R. Simms. Renée Cherie Clark
  • Antonio Salieri and Viennese Opera. By John A. Rice. Geoff Thomason
  • Catalogue des fonds musicaux anciens conservés en Bretagne. Ed. Françoise Constant. John Wagstaff
  • Viola Bibliographie: das Repertoire für die historische Bratsche von 1649 bis nach 1800: kommentiertes thematisches Verzeichnis. By Michael and Dorothea Jappe. Chris Walton

Information, News and Reports

Council Minutes Edinburgh 2000


Volume 47/4, October - December 2000

  • IAML Council Meetings, Wellington 1999 Alison Hall
  • IAML Treasurer's Report 1998 Pam Thompson
  • IAML Treasurer's Report 1999 Martie Severt
  • IAML Outreach 1999-2000 Joachim Jaenecke

IAML Reports

  • Archives and Music Documentation Centers Inger Enquist
  • Broadcasting and Orchestral Libraries Kauko Karjalainen
  • Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions Federica Riva
  • Research Libraries Ann Kersting-Meuleman

Subject Commissions

  • Audio-Visual Antony Gordon
  • Bibliography Susanne Staral
  • Cataloguing Sherry L. Vellucci
  • Service and Training Mary Kay Duggan

Working Groups and Committees

  • Archives Registration Judy Tsou
  • Music Periodicals Imogen Fellinger
  • Copyright Anne Le Lay
  • RIPM H. Robert Cohen

National Reports


  • Il Segreto: the Viotti-Chinnery Correspondence Frances Barulich
  • Popular Chinese Music a Hundred Years Ago: Bernard Laufer's Legacy Harmut Walravens


  • A Catalogue of the Works of Sir Arnold Bax. By Graham Parlett. Stephen Banfield
  • The Temptation of Paul Hindemith: Mathis der Maler as a Spiritual Testimony. By Siglind Bruhn. Daniel F. Boomhower
  • Baker's Student Encyclopedia of Music. Compiled by Laura Kuhn. Jennifer Bollerman
  • Techniques of the Contemporary Composer. By David Cope. James Kalbach
  • Haydn, Mozart & Beethoven: Studies in the Music of the Classic Period: Essays in Honour of Alan Tyson. Edited by Sieghard Brandenburg. Geoff Thomason
  • The Oxford History of English Music: Volume II: From c. 1715 to the Present Day. By John Caldwell. Jane Ellsworth
  • Intimate Music: A History of the Idea of Chamber Music. By John Herschel Baron. Stephen Zank

Information, News, Reports


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