Fontes contents 1998 (vol. 45)

Volume 45/1, January - March 1998

Music Libraries in Spain

  • Introduction Kurt Deggeller
  • Institutions of musical documentation in Spain: a selective bibliography Jon Bagüés and Miguel Angel Plaza-Navas
  • Andalucía: the Centro de Documentacion Musical Beatriz de Miguel
  • Mallorca: centers for musical historical research Antoni Pizá and Joan Parets i Serra
  • Spanish ecclesiastical archives: musical documentation José V. Gonzáles Valle
  • Musical collections in Spanish archives: two databases Carmen Sierra Bárcena
  • Musicologists and archivist confront in the nineteenth century: notes from the National library of Madrid Nieves Iglesias Martinez
  • Cataloguing musical sources in Spain: a RISM perspective Antonio Ezquerro


Volume 45/2, April - June 1998

  • IAML Council minutes Geneva 1997 Alison Hall
  • IAML Treasurer's Report Pamela Thompson
  • IAML Outreach Joachim Jaenecke, et al.
  • Core bibliographic record for music and sound recordings Anders Cato, et al.
  • Die Planung für ein Verzeichnis der Musiknachlässe in Deutschland Joachim Jaenecke
  • Community and libraries in music teaching institutions in Japan Yasuko Todo


  • Professional Branches, Subject Commissions, Working Groups, Publications

National Reports

Reviews, Information


Volume 45/3-4, July - December 1998

  • Bibliographic relationships and the future of music catalogues Sherry L. Vellucci
  • Iphigenia lost and found: a newly-discovered Gluck arrangement by Richard Wagner Chris Walton
  • Erwerbsmethoden von Musikalien im frühen 18. Jahrhundert am Beispiel Johann Sebastian Bachs und Johann Gottfried Walthers Kirsten Besßwenger
  • Music periodicals in Palermo: the Nineteenth and early Twentieth centuries Consuelo Giglio
  • Schweizer Musikzeitschriften: Gestern und Heute Mireille Geering
  • Recent Publications in Music, compiled by Geraldine Ostrove

Reviews,Information, Index to volume 45

compiled by Malcom Turner


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