Fontes contents 1997 (vol. 44)

Volume 44/1, January - March 1997

Music Libraries in Switzerland

  • Welcome to Geneva / Bienvenue à Genève / Willkommen in Genf
  • Coordination of Music Documentation in Switzerland: Realities, Projects, Dreams for the Future Kurt Deggeller
  • Modernism in Music: Documents in the Zentralbibliothek in Zurich Chris Walton
  • La Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire vaudoise: la mise en valeur des fonds d'archives musicals Jean-Louis Matthey
  • The Paul Sacher Foundation
  • Pygmalion et J.-J. Rousseau: "un grand poète, qui serait en même temps un peu musicien" Jacqueline Waeber
  • Music in Christ Church Cathedral Dublin Eammon O'Keeffe



  • Internationaler Biographischer Index der Musik, Komponisten, Dirigenten, Instrumentalisten und Sänger. Gertraut Haberkamp
  • Harp Music Bibliography: Compositions for Solo Harp and Harp Ensemble. Comp. Mark Palkovic.
  • Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Harpists: A Bio-Critical Sourcebook. By Wenonah Milton Govea. Emily Laurance

Information and Communications


Volume 44/2, April - June 1997

  • IAML Council minutes Perugia 1996 Alison Hall
  • IAML Directory of Officers
  • IAML Treasurer's Report Pamela Thompson
  • IAML Outreach Report Joachim Jaenecke
  • Neapolitan Music Periodicals in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century Tiziana Grande
  • Opéra et histoire Elisabeth Giuliani

Reports - Professional Branches

  • Archives and Documentation Centres (Enquist)
  • Libraries in Music Teaching Institutions (Lancelin)
  • Public Libraries (Poroila)
  • Research Libraries (Hoedemaecker)

Subject Commissions

  • Audio-Visual (Sommerfield)
  • Bibliography (J. Roberts)
  • Cataloguing (Cassaro)
  • Service and Training (Krueger)

Working Groups

  • Core Bibliographic Record (Cato)
  • Periodicals (Fellinger)


  • Documenta Musicologica (Jaenecke)
  • RILM (MacKenzie)
  • RIPM (Cohen)
  • ISMN (Walravens)

National Reports


  • Discographie der deutschen Sprachaufnahmen, Bd. 1. By Rainer Lotz et al; Discographie der deutschen Kleinkunst, Bd. 4. By Rainer Lotz and Andreas Masel; Discographie der deutschen Tanzmusik, Bd. 4. By Rainer Lotz; Discographie der deutschen Gesangsaufnahmen, Bd. 1. By Manfred Weihermüller. Martin Elste



Volume 44/3, July - September 1997

  • Kabuki music of the 18th and 19th Centuries: documentary materials for research Michitaka Takeuchi
  • Alfred Michaelis and the Leipziger Musikzeitung E. Douglas Bomberger
  • Slavic church music: issues in cataloguing Taras Pavlovsky
  • Handel's musical clock music Charles Ditto
  • Indian music sources: the songs of Rabindranath Tagore Sisir Kumar Mukherjee



  • International Directory of Music and Music Education Institutions 1996. Comp. By Graham Bartle. Martin Jenkins
  • Poetry into Song: Performance and Analysis of Lieder. By Deborah Stein and Robert Spillman. Chris Walton
  • A Guide to the Solo Songs of Johannes Brahms. By Lucien Stark. Chris Walton



Volume 44/4, October - December 1997

  • The illustration of music periodicals, 1880-1914: a question of Halftones and "whole"-tones Thomas F. Heck
  • Music periodicals in Spain: beginnings and historical development Jacinto torres Mulas
  • Recent Publications in Music, compiled by Geraldine Ostrove

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