Annual congress

IAML Membership Survey - at a Glance

A survey was created using the tool Survey Monkey to help the IAML Board gather information about the recent IAML conference, attendance at IAML conferences, and feedback about IAML in general. The survey included ten questions, of which some had multiple parts. Respondents had six weeks to complete it. A total of 295 people responded, and Survey Monkey produced a 31-page summary of results. An overview follows.

Survey about IAML and the IAML conferences

Dear IAML Members,

The IAML Board would like your feedback about IAML and the IAML conferences. We have a short survey of 10 questions: (link is external)

We appreciate you taking a few minutes to give us your feedback, so that we can ensure we are guiding IAML in the right direction to meet your needs.

The survey will be open until October 25th.

Conference Diary / Konferenz-Tagebuch 18: Lëtzebuergesch / Luxembourgian

Françoise Molitor war zum zweitenmal bei einer Internationalen IAML Conference. Ihre Muttersprache habe ich in meiner Heimatstadt Trier oft gehört; deshalb habe ich Françoise gebeten, ihren Beitrag auf Lëtzebuergesch zu schreiben. Villmols merci!

Nodeems ech 2011 mäin éischte grousse Kontakt mat der internationaler Welt vun de Museksfuerscher a Museksbibliothékären hat, war mir direkt bewosst, dass dës d’IAML-Konferenzen an -Treffen ganz wichteg sinn, fir am Beruff weiderzekommen.


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