Fontes contents 1999 (vol. 46)

Volume 46/1-2, January - June 1999

New Zealand

  • Introduction Roger Flury
  • Early music sources in New Zealand Robert Petre
  • Domestic music-making in early New Zealand: Two volumes of early engraved piano music Jackie Waylen
  • Twenty-five years on: The Archive of New Zealand music at the Alexander Turnbull Library Jill Palmer
  • Music at the National Library of New Zealand Roger Flury
  • Music in the Dictionary of New Zealand Bibliography Ross Somerville
  • Dorothy Freed: pioneer of librarianship in New Zealand Jill Palmer
  • New Zealand and South Pacific music and musicians: a selected annotated bibliography since 1983 Roger Flury et al.

IAML Congress San Sebastian/Donostia, Spain

  • President's message Pamela Thompson
  • General Assembly 1998 Alison Hall
  • Council meetings 1998 Alison Hall
  • Treasurer's report Pamela Thompson


  • Outreach Aktivitäten aus der Sicht eines IVMB-Vizepräsidenten Joachim Jaenecke
  • Outreach from the perspective of the IAML Treasurer Pamela Thompson
  • Outreach from a participant's perpective Roger Taylor
  • Individual reports


  • Professional Branches, Subject Commissions, Publications

National Branches

Reviews, Information


Volume 46/3-4, July - December 1999

  • Metadata for music: issues and directions Sherry L. Vellucci
  • Music data bases in Spain: a first survey Miguel Angel Plaza-Navas
  • The Tini family: Sixteenth-century music printers in Milan Marina Toffetti
  • RILM in Germany Susanne Staral
  • Music libraries in Australian tertiary music teaching institutions Georgina Binns
  • Recent Publications in Music Compiled and edited by Geraldine Ostrove


  • Music printing in Renaissance Venice: the Scotto press (1539-1572). By Jane Bernstein Kristin L. Shanton
  • Mauro Giuliani: virtuoso guitarist and composer. B. Thomas Heck Calvin Elliker
  • Cambridge companion to the piano. Edited by David Rowland Chris Walton
  • Anton Rubinstein: an annotated catalog of piano works and biography. By Larry Sitsky Stephen Zank
  • George Whitefield Chadwick: a bio-bibliography. By Bill F. Faucett Stephen Zank
  • The Arnold Schoenberg companion. Edited by Walter B. Bailey Chris Walton
  • 20/20: 20 new sounds of the 20th Century. By William Duckworth James Kalbach
  • Music subject headings: compiled from Library of Congress Subject Headings. 2nd. ed. by Harriette Hemmasi Kristina L. Shanton
  • Index to CD and Record reviows, 1987-1997: based on material originally published in Notes. By Mark Palkovic and Paul Cauthen Brad Short
  • Musical theater synopses: An index. By Jeannette Marie Drone Kristina L. Shanton
  • Sing us one of the old songs: a guide to popular song, 1860-1920. By Michael Kilgariff Kurt Gänzl



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