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Smith RDigby.  2019.  One, two, three, four : the life and times of a recording studio engineer /. :x,305pages.
Eriksson M.  2019.  Online music distribution and the unpredictability of software logistics.
Townsend D.  2019.  Only half there . :295pages,32unnumberedpagesofplates:.
McIntyre SDonald, Rees DA.  2019.  The only way is up : reflections on a life in opera. :240pages.
Pollock ERichmond.  2019.  Opera after the Zero Hour : the problem of tradition and the possibility of renewal in postwar West Germany /. :xi,294pages:.
Montgomery A.  2019.  Opera coaching : professional techniques for the répétiteur /. :1volume:.
Montgomery A.  2019.  Opera coaching : professional techniques for the répétiteur /. :1onlineresource:.
Radigales-Babi J, Villanueva-Benito I.  2019.  Ópera en pantalla: del cine al streaming. Signo e Imagen. :331.
Everist M.  2019.  Opera in Paris from the empire to the commune . :xiii,473pages:.
Abel SD.  2019.  Opera in the flesh : sexuality in operatic performance /. :1onlineresource.
Constantine M.  2019.  The opera singer's acting toolkit : an essential guide to creating a role /. :1onlineresource(320pages)..
Li X.  2019.  Opera, society, and politics in modern China . 117:x,365pages:.
Hartmann APernille.  2019.  Operans natur : en bok i fyra element : essäer om naturens roll i opera och dans, på GöteborgsOperan och andra plats....
Maclear K, Eggenschwiler B, Britt F.  2019.  Opératique .
Guerriero L.  2019.  Opus Gelber. Retrato de un pianista. :336.
Bathurst R, Gilling DF, Rasmussen SJ.  2019.  Orchestras : a model for social and organizational development /. :1onlineresource(xiii,206pages)..
Mayas M.  2019.  Orchestrating timbre : unfolding processes of timbre and memory in improvisational piano performance.
Jacobs-Jenkins B.  2019.  The original Broadway cast recording's Hamilton . :1volume;.
Gurd SAlexander.  2019.  The origins of music theory in the age of Plato . :1onlineresource:.
De Filippi S, Costas DVaracalli, Sachs H, Sequeira J.  2019.  The other Toscanini : the life and works of Héctor Panizza /. number 13:xiii,363pages;.
Webb MD.  2019.  Ottorino Respighi : his life and times /. :1volume;.
Júlia T.  2019.  Ötven év üzenete : Kodály Zoltán zenepedagógiai öröksége Magyarországon és a nagyvilágban. :95.
Beye A, Ndiaye SNdéné.  2019.  Oumar Pène : L'histoire D'une Épopée Musicale. :156.
Stone S.  2019.  Outreach for music librarians. Music Library Association basic manual series. :xi,171pages.
Julien O, Levaux C.  2019.  Over and over : exploring repetition in popular music /. :1volume:.