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Stafford D, Stafford C.  2011.  Fings ain't wot they used t' be : the Lionel Bart story /. :287p.,[16]p.ofplates:.
Vallely B., Vallely E..  2012.  The first 45 years of Armagh Pipers Club . :208pages:.
Hopper J, Irby S.  2021.  The first collection of criticism by a living female rock critic . :xvi,426pages;.
Prévost E..  2011.  The first concert : an adaptive appraisal of a meta music /. :xv,234p.;.
Hamlyn N.  2018.  The first time : a book of twentieth and twenty-first century music firsts /. :414pages:.
Hamlyn N.  2018.  The first time : a book of twentieth and twenty-first century music firsts /. :414pages:.
Ward M..  2012.  F**k the radio, we've got apple juice : essays on a rock 'n' roll band /. :xix,197pages:.
MacMillan D.  2020.  The flageolet in England, 1660-1914 . :1volume:.
Cruces-Roldán C.  2018.  Flamenco: negro sobre blanco: investigación, patrimonio, cine y neoflamenco. :544p..
Washabaugh W.  2020.  Flamenco : passion, politics and popular culture /. :1onlineresource..
Luna-López I-M.  2019.  Flamenco y canción española.. Flamenco; nº 4. :312.
Aguilar C, Haas A.  2019.  Flamenco y cine. :444p..
Geesin R.  2013.  The Flaming Cow : the making of Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother /. :120pages:.
Baptista TR.  2019.  The Flamingos : a complete history of the doo-wop legends /. :viii,240pages;.
Purdy S.  2020.  Flop musicals of the twenty first century : how they happened, when they happened (and what we've learned) /. :1volume;.
Purdy S.  2021.  Flop musicals of the twenty-first century. . :xii,293pages:.
Pelegrín-Colomo M-T.  2019.  Flores de Música. Miscelánea en homenaje a José Luis González Uriol. :373.
Vazquez AT.  2022.  The Florida room . :xiii,229pages:.
H. Bernhard C.  2023.  Flourishing in music education : lessons from positive psychology /. :82pages:.
Ohriner M.  2019.  Flow : the rhythmic voice in rap music /. :xl,248pages:.
Kolar MA, Both AAdje, Stöckli M, Howell M, La Chioma D, Figueiredo M, Brohée J-F, Katz J, Stanton TW, Bellomia V et al..  2020.  Flower World - Mundo Florido, vol. 6 Music Archaeology of the Americas - Arqueomusicología de las Américas. 6:196Seiten.
Kondō J, Benitez J..  2020.  Flute and shakuhachi . :1onlineresource..
Ford E.  2020.  The flute in Scotland from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century . 11:xx,202pages:.
Toop D, Moore T.  2019.  Flutter echo : living within sound /. :207pages:.
King P.  2011.  Flying high : a jazz life and beyond /. :xi,338p.;.