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Szoliva G, Ferenczi I, Kiss G, Mészáros E.  2015.  Psalterium Strigoriense Venetiis 1523 : cum notis musicis manuscriptis : (Psalterium Nicolai Olahi). . Musicalia Danubiana, Bavarica et Hungarica. 25, 2:147p.,144t..
Szenczi-Molnár A, Vásárhelyi J.  2017.  Psalterium Ungaricum; Kis katekizmus. Bibliotheca Hungarica antiqua. 46:432,69p.:ill.+1mell.(54p.).
Echard W.  2017.  Psychedelic popular music : a history through musical topic theory /. :291pages:.
Woody RH.  2022.  Psychology for musicians : understanding and acquiring the skills /. :x,350pages:.
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Pettan S, Titon JTodd.  2019.  Public ethnomusicology, education, archives, & commerce : an Oxford handbook of applied ethnomusicology, volume 3 /. :x,347pages:.
Fenton K.  2020.  Puccini's La fanciulla del West and the American musical identity . :1onlineresource..
Calero-Carramolino E, Pérez-Zalduondo G, Vega-Pichaco B.  2019.  Puentes sonoros y coreográficos durante el franquismo: Imaginarios, intercambios y propaganda en clave internacional. Música crítica. Musicología. 6:306.
Hyman R., Hyman N..  2011.  The Pump Room Orchestra Bath : three centuries of music and social history /. :213p.,8p.ofplates:.
Savage J, Baker S, Reid J, Vaucher G.  2013.  Punk 45 : the singles cover art of punk 1975-80 /. :366pages:.
Graffin G.  2022.  Punk paradox : a memoir /. :vi,361pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Bestley R, Dines M, Gordon A, Guerra P.  2019.  The punk reader : research transmissions from the local and the global /. :1onlineresource(324pages):.
Tuxen H.  2020.  Punk rock is freedom : Kurt Cobain, the soul, the sound, the story /. :342Seiten:.
Clegg M.  2022.  Punk rock : music is the currency of life /. :xiv,263pages:.
Gall G.  2022.  The punk rock politics of Joe Strummer : radicalism, resistance and rebellion /. :xiii,295pages:.
Faulk BJ, Harrison B.  2014.  Punk rock warlord : the life and work of Joe Strummer /. :xii,197pages:.
Kagerland P.  2017.  Punklyrik : svenska punktexter 1977-1982 /. :309pages:.
Wright J, Barrett D.  2021.  Punks in Peoria : making a scene in the American heartland /. :1onlineresource(xi,238pages):.
Piller E, Rowland S.  2021.  Punkzines : British fanzine culture from the punk scene 1976-1983 /. :175pages:.
D'Errico M.  2022.  Push : software design and the cultural politics of music production /. :xii,322pages:.
Borenstein E.  2020.  Pussy Riot : speaking punk to power /. :xii,135pages;.
Sawler H.  2018.  Put your hand in my hand : the spiritual connections of Gene and Catherine MacLellan /. :1onlineresource..
Lapine J.  2021.  Putting it together : how Stephen Sondheim and I created "Sunday in the park with George" /. :xv,390pages,16unnumberedleavesofunnumberedplates:.
Lapine J, Lapine J..  2021.  Putting it together : how Stephen Sondheim and I created Sunday in the park with George /. :xv,390pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Tao, Peng = 陶鹏.  2015.  Qing long bei shang jiu shi nian: Chuang jiang hao zi yu wo de yi shu ren sheng = 青龙背上九十年: 川江号子与我的艺术人生. :542.