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Abel SD.  2019.  Opera in the flesh : sexuality in operatic performance /. :1onlineresource.
Abellán-Chuecos I.  2018.  La novelística de Alejo Carpentier y sus claves musicales. Biblioteca Canon. 26:240p..
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Abels B.  2022.  Music worlding in Palau : chanting, atmospheres, and meaningfulness /. 14:204pages:.
Abraham I.  2020.  Christian punk : identity and performance /. :1onlineresource..
Abraham I.  2020.  Christian punk : identity and performance /. :viii,227pages;.
Abraham A.  2022.  Attack of the monster musical : a cultural history of Little shop of horrors /. :ix,237pages:.
Abrahams F, Head P.  2017.  The Oxford handbook of choral pedagogy. :xx,545pages:illustrations,music;26cm.
Abramovich-Gomon A.  2019.  The Nenets' song : a microcosm of a vanishing culture /. :1volume;.
Abrams H, Lathos J, Hudson P.  2017.  Finding Joseph I: an oral history of H.R. from Bad Brains. :272pages.
Abrams AE.  2011.  Hype & Sou! : behind the scenes at Motown : the official archives of the legendary Hitsville spin doctor /. :288p.:.
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Abromont C, Boisselier L.  2019.  Guide de l'analyse musicale . :457pages:.
Acaster J.  2020.  Perfect sound whatever . :1volume;.
Acker A, Nyland B, Deans J, Payman K, Klarin S.  2021.  Music composition in contexts of early childhood : creation, communication and multi-modal experiences through music /. :xv,120pages:.
Ackfeldt A.  2019.  Islamic semiotic resources in US hip-hop culture.
Acsai R.  2022.  Bánk bán : Erkel Ferenc operája alapján . :81.