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Major JRoy.  2013.  My old man : a personal history of music hall /. :xvii,363pages,24unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Majid R.  2013.  What are we keeping out? 5:101pages;.
Maire J-L.  2018.  Luis de Pablo al habla: Textos, escuchas y memorias a través de sus entrevistas.. :95p.
Mair B..  2011.  Only Men Aloud : y llyfr = the book /. :105p.:.
Mainsbridge M.  2022.  Body as instrument : performing with gestural systems in live electronic music /. :222pages:.
Maier CJ.  2020.  Transcultural sound practices : British Asian dance music as cultural transformation /. :xii,225pages;.
Maiello JVincent.  2016.  Medieval music . :1onlineresource(24pages):music..
Mai A-M.  2019.  New approaches to Bob Dylan. vol.70 :367sider.
Mai A-M.  2019.  New approaches to Bob Dylan . vol. 73:1onlineresource..
Mahlert U.  2020.  Instrumentalpädagogik in Studium und Beruf eine persönliche Bestandsaufnahme. :192Seiten.
Magyar Z, Varga N.  2018.  Ortutay Gyula zoborvidéki folklórgyűjtése . Magyar népköltészet tára. 17:284.
Maguire S.  2020.  Vincenzo Bellini and the aesthetics of early nineteenth-century Italian opera . 7:1volume;.
Magowan F, Norman JM, Phillips-Hutton A, Lehner S, Rebelo P.  2023.  Sounding conflict : from resistance to reconciliation /. :xi,224pages:.
Magnat V.  2020.  The performative power of vocality . :1onlineresource(xix,240pages).
Magnat V.  2019.  The performative power of vocality . :1volume:.
Maggs A, Read P.  2014.  Welsh choirs on tour : what goes on tour, stays on tour ... or does it? / :140pages,8unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Magee W.  2014.  Music technology in therapeutic and health settings . :399pages:.
Magee S.  2013.  Desert Island Discs : 70 years of castaways from one of BBC Radio 4's best-loved programmes /. :xv,526pages:.
Magdolna J, Árpád KKun.  2021.  "Hát újra itt..." : operettkánon és - műfaj. :239.
Magdolna J, Árpád KKun.  2021.  SzocOper : az operett újjáépítése 1949-1956 között . :590.
Magdolna J, Árpád KKun.  2022.  Nemzeti színháztörténet, 1948-1996 : előadás-rekonstrukciók . :452.
Madrid AL.  2021.  Tania León's Stride : a polyrhythmic life /. :1onlineresource(xvi,249pages):.
Maddocks A.  2012.  A music education programme for class music teaching (age 0 to 13 years). . :168pages:.
Madden C.  2020.  Springsteen as soundtrack : the sound of the Boss in film and television /. :x,232pages:.
Madden A.  2018.  Legends of tone : Fender /. :144pages:.