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Guillaumier C.  2020.  The operas of Sergei Prokofiev . :1onlineresource:.
Tcharos SStella.  2011.  Opera's orbit : musical drama and the influence of opera in Arcadian Rome /. :xiii,320p.:.
Renihan C.  2020.  The operatic archive : American opera as history /. :1volume:.
Renihan C.  2020.  The operatic archive : American opera as history /. :1onlineresource:.
Over B, Nieden GZur.  2021.  Operatic pasticcios in 18th-century Europe : contexts, materials and aesthetics /. volume 45:795pages:.
Baranello M.  2021.  The operetta empire : music theater in early twentieth-century Vienna /. :1onlineresource.
Ferenc L.  2023.  Operettország : pályaképek a bécsi-budapesti operett történetéből . :271.
Wagner M.  2021.  Opéra et géopolitique : l'art lyrique, entre rayonnement artistique et enjeux politiques /. :126pages:.
Maclear K, Eggenschwiler B, Britt F.  2019.  Opératique .
Guerriero L.  2019.  Opus Gelber. Retrato de un pianista. :336.
Kordík P.  2020.  Opus magnum Miloslava Kabeláče pro lidské hlasy. Proměny, opus 57. :1onlineresource(194p.).
Höink D.  2022.  Oratorium und Nation (1914-1945) : Studien zur Politisierung religiöser Musik in Deutschland /. Band 8:590pages:.
Bálint H.  2023.  Orbán György. Magyar zeneszerzők. 43:72.
Mertens G.  2020.  Orchesterland Deutschland Wie die deutsche Einheit die Orchesterlandschaft verändert hat.. :128Seiten.
Herman A.  2022.  Orchestra management : models and repertoires for the symphony orchestra /. :1onlineresource..
Del Mar J.  2023.  Orchestral masterpieces under the microscope . :xix,714pages:.
Bathurst R, Gilling DF, Rasmussen SJ.  2019.  Orchestras : a model for social and organizational development /. :1onlineresource(xiii,206pages)..
Shadle DW.  2016.  Orchestrating the nation : the nineteenth-century American Symphonic Enterprise /. :ix,330pages:.
Mayas M.  2019.  Orchestrating timbre : unfolding processes of timbre and memory in improvisational piano performance.
Eisel JC.  2011.  Order and disorder in the eighteenth century : a supplement : further newspaper extracts about church bells and bellringing /. :vi,72p.:.
Fhuartháin MNí, Doyle DM.  2013.  Ordinary Irish life: music, sport and culture. :x,222pages.
Jordan W.D.  2020.  The organ pipe in the convent of Christ, Tomar, Portugal : an observer's guide /. :iii,186pages,40unnumberedleaves:.
Thistlethwaite N.  2020.  Organ-building in Georgian and Victorian England : the work of Gray & Davison, 1772-1890 /. 24:1onlineresource:.
McElhone K, McElhone K..  2018.  The organette book supplement . :100pages:.
Setchell J, Setchell M.  2017.  Organs & organists : their inside stories : all you (n)ever wanted to know : a composting of organic material. :413pages;colourillustrations.