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Newsome R.  2020.  Brass roots : a hundred years of brass bands and their music (1836-1936) /. :1volume:.
Newton-John O.  2019.  Don't stop believin' . :xvii,329pages,32unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Ngema V, Mapaya MGeoff, Manganye NNyiko, Mojalefa MJerry.  2019.  Indigenous Music in South Africa : An Introduction. :174.
Ngqungwana M.  2018.  Odyssey of an African Opera Singer. :x,195.
Nguyen TThuy.  2019.  The choreography of gender in traditional Vietnamese music.
Nicholls S, Scott P., Hickman S., Hanke M., Daley M., Roberts S., Chadwick S..  2012.  Music express : learning and development opportunities, activities, songs, stories, pictures, recordings.. :88p.:.
Nichols D.  2016.  Dig : Australian rock and pop music 1960-85 /. :viii,595pages;23cm.
Nicholson W, Fisher E.  2012.  Winifred Nicholson : music of colour /. :83pages:.
Nickleson P.  2023.  The names of minimalism : authorship, art music, and historiography in dispute /. :1onlineresource(xi,253pages):.
NicLeòid N..  2013.  Fonn : the Campbells of Greepe : music and a sense of place in a Gaelic family song tradition /. :316p.:.
Nielsen CSvendler, Burridge S.  2020.  Dancing across borders : perspectives on dance, young people and change /. :1onlineresource(xxii,196pages)..
Nielsen SSteen.  2021.  Sangstemmen - dit eget instrument : et sangpaedagogisk kompendium. :61sider:.
Nielsen TGreen.  2021.  Den splittergale spillemand : et portraet af Jacob Hogrebe. :233sider:.
Nielsen J-E.  2020.  Når jeg ser et rødt flag smælde : en biografi om arbejderdigteren Oskar Hansen. :152sider.
Nielsen SKaargaard.  2020.  Musik. 79 :60sider.
Nielsen H.  2020.  Keld & Hilda Heick. :144sider.
Nielsen PReinholdt.  2021.  Rebel & Remix : 70 års rock pop og hiphop. :553sider:.
Nielsen LBrix.  2021.  Johann Sebastian Bachs kantater og passioner . :628,XIISeiten:.
Nielson L.  2021.  Music and musicians in the medieval Islamicate world : a social history /. :284pages;.
Niemi P.  2016.  Sticking it out : from Juilliard to the orchestra pit, a percussionist's memoir /. :1onlineresource.
Nieto AMiranda.  2019.  Musical mobilities : son jarocho and the circulation of tradition across Mexico and the United States /. :1volume:.
Nieto-López A.  2020.  Tecleando: Reflexiones sobre el mundo del piano y del conservatorio. :212p..
Nieto-Sánchez J-A.  2018.  Los violeros de Madrid en la Edad Moderna. :165p..
Nightingale C.  2013.  Musicians' handbook : the essential guide for professional and aspiring musicians /. :116pages:.
Nightingale B, Palmer M.  2013.  Les misérables : from stage to screen /. :96pages:.