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Jackson J, Prior P, Taylor C.  2012.  Advanced piano chords : easy to use, easy to carry, one chord on every page /. :384unnumberedpages:.
Salisbury L.  2012.  Alawon gwerin Iolo Morganwg. :272p.:.
James A.  2012.  All cheeses great and small : a life less blurry /. :279p.;.
Heylin C..  2012.  All the madmen : Barrett, Bowie, Drake, Pink Floyd, The Kinks, The Who & a journey to the dark side of English rock /. :404p.;.
Winehouse M..  2012.  Amy, my daughter. :xvi,304pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
McCallum C..  2012.  Animals . :48pages:.
Parri ABryn..  2012.  Annette : bywyd ar ddu a gwyn /. :285p.;.
Grushkin P.  2012.  The art of classic rock . :255pages:.
Martin D.  2012.  The art of making a harpsichord . :256pages:.
Young Classical Artists Trust..  2012.  Artists file . :v.:.
Herissone R..  2012.  The Ashgate research companion to Henry Purcell . :xviii,420p.:.
Inglis I.  2012.  The Beatles in Hamburg . :208p.:.
McNab K..  2012.  The Beatles in Scotland . :277p.,[16]p.ofplates:.
Burrows T.  2012.  The Beatles : it was 50 years ago today /. :131pages:.
Caeyers J.  2012.  Beethoven : der einsame Revolutionär : eine Biographie /. :832pages:.
O'Meara M..  2012.  Between the lines : a history of Haven /. :v,253pages,4unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Tan SEe..  2012.  Beyond 'innocence' : Amis aboriginal song in Taiwan as an ecosystem /. :xvi,296p.:.
Clark S.H, Connolly TJ, Whittaker J.  2012.  Blake 2.0 : William Blake in twentieth-century art, music and culture /. :xiii,309p.:.
Kremer J.  2012.  Bournemouth a go! go! . :212pages:.
Bowie D, Sukita M.  2012.  Bowie : speed of life, seimei no sokudo /. :312pages:.
Koelsch S..  2012.  Brain and music . :xiii,308pages:.
O'Connor H, Kennedy R.  2012.  Breaking glass barefoot . :viii,243pages,32unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Wylde Z, Hendrikx E, Hendrikx E., Zombie R..  2012.  Bringing metal to the children : the complete berserker's guide to world tour domination /. :xxi,290pages,8unnumberedpagesofcolourplates:.
Leach G, Graham-Jones I.  2012.  British composer profiles : a biographical dictionary of past British composers, 1800-2010 /. :viii,249pages:.
Walker L.  2012.  Britten in pictures . :xxii,266pages:.