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Beaster-Jones J.  2015.  Bollywood sounds: the cosmopolitan mediations of Hindi film song. :xx,240pages:illustrations;25cm.
Beaumont M.  2013.  Bon Iver . :v,231pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Beghin T.  2022.  Beethoven's French piano : a tale of ambition and frustration /. :xxi,410pages,8unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Bekker P, Langenbruch A, Kraus BAngelika, Siegert C.  2022.  Beethovens Vermächtnis : mit Beethoven im Exil : Bericht über das internationale Symposium, Bonn, 1. bis 3. März 2018 : mit einer Edition der gleichnamigen Studie von Paul Bekker /. Band 32:x,471pages:.
Béla ifj.Bartók, Gábor V, Ágnes V.  2021.  Bartók Béla életének krónikája . :481.
Bellstorf A..  2011.  Baby's in black : the story of Astrid Kirchherr & Stuart Sutcliffe /. :213p.:.
Bennett A.  2020.  British progressive pop 1970-1980 . :162pages;.
Bennett A.  2023.  The Bloomsbury handbook of popular music and youth culture . :1onlineresource(x,696pages):.
Bennett A.  2020.  British progressive pop 1970-1980 . :162pages;.
Bérczes L, Cseh T.  2018.  Bérczes László és Cseh Tamás beszélgetőkönyve. :359.
Berger K.  2017.  Beyond reason : Wagner contra Nietzsche /. :1onlineresource.
Besley A.  2020.  BTS : icons of K-pop /. :1volume:.
Besley A.  2019.  Blackpink : K-pop's no.1 girl group /. :1onlineresource:.
Bextor R.  2020.  British 60s music . :1onlineresource..
Bizet G, Macdonald H, Bizet G, Bizet G.  2021.  Bizet in Italy : letters and journals, 1857-1860 /. :xxiii,258pages,8unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Black P..  2011.  Black by design : a 2-tone memoir /. :x,389p.:.
Bloom P.  2022.  Berlioz in time: from early recognition to lasting renown /. v. 183:xxii,352pages:.
Bonde LOle..  2021.  Bent Lorentzen, 1935-2018 . 9:139pages:.
Bonds MEvan.  2020.  The Beethoven syndrome : hearing music as autobiography /. :xii,325pages:.
Bonin C.  2022.  The Broadway belt : the Musical diva and her belt voice from technical, ethnic, and feminist perspectives /. Band 49:xxi,420pages;.
Bónis F.  2016.  Bartók Béla - Annie Müller-Widmann levelezése : 1935-1940 . :234.
Bónis F.  2016.  Béla Bartók: pictures of a life . :543p..
Boomhower DF, Komara EM, Maple A, Vick L.  2017.  A basic music library : essential scores and sound recordings /. :3volumes;.
Boucher D, Boucher L.  2020.  Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen : deaths and entrances /. :1onlineresource(272pages).
Bowen J.  2019.  Bach : a musical biography /. :1volume:.