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Great Britain..  2011.  Impact assessment for the proposal to exempt live music from the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003 . :1onlineresource(24p.).
Great Britain., Great Britain..  2011.  The importance of music a national plan for music education.. :1onlineresource(54p.).
Neef S..  2011.  Imprint and trace : handwriting in the age of technology /. :365p.:.
Tsapidis J..  2011.  Improvisation : as never seen before /. :92p.:.
Smith PL.  2011.  In the shadow of Salisbury spire : recollections of Salisbury Cathedral Choristers and their school, 1826-1950 /. :xxx,358p.:.
Harper A..  2011.  Infinite music : imagining the next millennium of human music-making /. :ix,223p.;.
Feldman E, Contzius A, Lutch M..  2011.  Instrumental music education : teaching with the musical and practical in harmony /. :xviii,392p.:.
Brewer CE.  2011.  The instrumental music of Schmeltzer, Biber, Muffat and their contemporaries . :xxvi,411p.:.
[Gast].  2011.  International journal of instrumentation technology. . :v.:.
Kerr A.  2011.  Intolerably hip . :384p.:.
Lancashire T.  2011.  An introduction to Japanese folk performing arts . :xvi,243p.:.
Biersdorfer J.D, Pogue D.  2011.  iPod . :xv,286p.:.
Copsey T.  2011.  The Ipswich book trades : booksellers, bookbinders, engravers, librarians, music sellers, newsagents, papermakers, printers, publishers, stationers at Ipswich until 1900 : a biographical dictionary /. :345pages:.
Campbell S.  2011.  Irish blood, English heart: second-generation Irish musicians in England. :xii,260pages.
McMurtrie J.  2011.  Iron Maiden : on board flight 666 : a photo documentary /. :251p.:.
Iommi T., Lammers T.J.  2011.  Iron man : my journey through Heaven and Hell with Black Sabbath /. :xiii,383p.,[16]p.ofplates:.
Polzonetti P..  2011.  Italian opera in the age of the American Revolution . :xix,376p.:.
Yorkston J..  2011.  It's lovely to be here : the touring diaries of a Scottish gent /. :xviii,265p.:.
McKagan D..  2011.  It's so easy (and other lies) : the autobiography /. :366p.,[16]p.ofplates:.
Smart S., Howard RBothway..  2011.  It's turned out nice again! : the authorized biography of the two George Formbys, father and son /. :xiii,328p.:.
White T, Glazer M..  2011.  James Taylor : long ago and far away : his life and music /. :420p.,[32]p.ofplates;.
Wild DAnthony..  2011.  Jazzpaths : an American photomemento /. :109p.:.
Baxter JReid., E. Dennison P, Lynch M.  2011.  Jhone Angus : monk of Dunfermline & Scottish Reformation music /. :xiii,71p.:.
[Gast].  2011.  Jocks & nerds : style, history, culture..
Byrne J.  2011.  John Byrne : moonlight and music, 13th August - 5th September 2011 /. :1v.(unpaged):.