Policy on support for outside speakers

Funding for outside speakers to help support travel and lodging is not normally offered by IAML. However, funds may be made available to support these expenses for non-IAML members who are speaking or giving a paper at the annual conference/congress. Such speakers should be considered an expert in the field on which they will speak, and be outside the profession of music librarianship. All IAML members who speak or give papers at the congress are not eligible for such support.

The Guidelines for the organization of the IAML Congress covers the financial obligations of outside speakers concerning registration fees and the Farewell Dinner. It states:
“Speakers who are not members of IAML (etc.), who are usually invited, are not usually expected to pay the single day registration fee, as IAML does not give honoraria for speakers. It is anticipated that most speakers of this nature would only be attending for the day of their session. If a speaker who is not a IAML member wishes to attend the conference on other days, then a registration fee is payable for those additional days. All attendees should be expected to pay for the Farewell Dinner.”

As such, the IAML Board will set aside the amount of €1000.00 each year to help support travel and lodging expenses for non-IAML members who will speak or give a paper at the annual conference/congress, and who reside outside the country organising the conference/congress.  The IAML Forum of Sections will oversee the distribution of this money, and the awarding of such funding will be at its discretion. The deadline to request travel support for outside speakers will be 31 March of each year. A list of potential outside speakers should be sent to both the local organizing committee, the IAML Programme Officer, and the Secretary General, with an outline of potential expenses that need to be covered. Upon receipt, these requests will either be fully or partially funded depending on availability of budget.

Official invitations will be sent to outside speakers after the Forum of Sections has finalised the conference programme. Such invitations will confirm the date and time of the presentation, and the total amount of support for travel/accommodation expenses made available by the Forum of Sections. The IAML Programme Officer may not offer travel support to outside speakers until the Forum of Sections has finalised the annual conference programme. No honorarium will be offered in addition to this support.


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