Billie Holiday : essays on the artistry and legacy /

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Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers,, United States, p.viii, 169 pages ; (2019)

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20th century., 21st century., African American women jazz singers, Biography., Civil rights movements, History, Jazz singers, United States, Women jazz singers


Includes bibliographical references and index.""Eleanora "Lady Day" Fagan, better known as Billie Holiday, played a primary role in the development of American jazz culture and in African American history. Devoted to the enduring jazz icon, covering many aspects of her career, image and legacy, these essays range from musical and vocal analyses, to critical assessments of film depictions of the singer, to analysis of the social movements and protests addressed by her signature songs, including her impact on contemporary movements such as #BlackLivesMatter. More than a century after her birth, Billie Holiday's abiding relevance and impact is a testament to the power of musical protest. This collection pays tribute to her creativity, bravery and lasting legacy."--Introduction / Jessica McKee and Michael V. Perez -- In stereotragic hi-fidelity : performing Billie Holiday / Michael V. Perez -- Billie reverberates her blues : advertising Love for sale that costs More than you know / Tammie Jenkins -- Lady sings the blues? : tragedy, autobiography and reassessment / Anna Maria Barry -- Merging artists : the legacy of Motown's Lady sings the blues / Claudius Stemmler -- "Owning" Billie Holiday in several representative jazz poems / William Levine -- Brigitte loves Billie : channeling Holiday in Domino (1988) / Fernando Gabriel Pagnoni Berns -- Seeing is believing? : reading Billie Holiday through photography / Matthew Duffus -- Shouting back : cohering Lady Day through Kevin Young's jazz poem anthology / Taylor Joy Mitchell -- Reevaluating Lady sings the blues and What's love got to do with it : ambivalent representations of black female artistry / Jesse Schlotterbeck -- Easy to love : representations of Billie Holiday in contemporary American poetry / Tara Betts -- The fruit is on the ground : the impact of "Strange fruit" on Black Lives Matter / Devona Mallory.