IAML 2019

IAML Kraków Congress Diary #3: Terugblik IAML-congres in Krakau (Netherlands)


De Nederlandse delegatie: Nienke de Boer (Balletorkest), Jantien Dubbeldam (ArtEZ), Paula Quint (Nederlands Muziek Instituut), Attilio Bottegal (Italië, ex-ArtEZ), Eric van Balkum (Stichting Omroep Muziek), Mieke van Heijster (Noorwegen, ex-Codarts), Hilde Klaassen (Conservatorium van Amsterdam), Noor Breuning (Universiteit van Amsterdam), Martie Severt (Koninklijk Conservatorium), Simon Groot (UvA), Charlotte Sienema (SOM), Luuk Hoekstra (Codarts). Ontbreken: Joop Meuleman (Fontys Hogeschool) en Gert Floor (ex-OB Heiloo).

IAML Kraków Congress Diary #1: First IAML Abroad (Germany)

The first IAML Congress Diary has reached us from Ruprecht Langer, Head of the German Music Archive, German National Library

Since 2018’s IAML took place in my hometown, Leipzig, this year’s IAML in Kraków was in fact the second conference I attended. But since it was the first abroad, I’d like to share a few impressions about this very one. In seven words:

The conference was a thoroughly excellent experience.

IAML Krakow 2019 - Online registration is now open

I am pleased to announce that online registration for the IAML Congress 2019 (Krakow, Poland, 14-19 July) is now open.
You can access the congress website www.iaml2019.confer.uj.edu.pl, which includes links to the registration form and to the preliminary programme, as well as other information.

IAML Congress 2019: Preliminary Programme Now Online

I am delighted to announce that the preliminary programme for the IAML Congress 2019 (Kraków, Poland, 14-19 July) is now available on the Congress website.

In addition to the usual stimulating mix of paper sessions, posters, and working meetings, this year we are also introducing ‘Digital IAML’, a series of linked workshops and participant-led unconference sessions on digital tools for music libraries.  This exciting new venture will take place on Thursday 18 July.


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