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Leigh S.  2019.  Buddy Holly : Learning the Game /. :xvi,251pages:.
Leigh S.  2020.  Bob Dylan : outlaw blues /. :xi,511pages,16unnumberedpagesofplates:.
Leigh M.  2023.  Becoming an outstanding music teacher . :1onlineresource(vii,248pages):.
Leibnitz T.  2019.  Beethoven Menschenwelt und Götterfunken.. :256Seiten.
Leibnitz T, Engl S, Harrandt A.  2020.  Ad fontem musicae : Thomas Leibnitz zum 65. Geburtstag /. Band 42:614pages:.
Lehmberg LJ, C. Fung V.  2023.  Music, senior centers, and quality of life . :x,208pages:.
Leguay J-P, Mabit A.  2019.  Jean-Pierre Leguay : portrait d'un compositeur et improvisateur /. :349pages:.
Legg B., McCarthy J, . F.  2011.  Godspeed : the Kurt Cobain graphic /. :1v.(unpaged):.
Lee JRhodes.  2016.  Introduction to the Baroque era . :1onlineresource(31pages):.
Lee R.  2018.  From headstocks to woodstock . :366pages:.
Lee R.  2018.  From headstocks to woodstock . :366pages:.
Lee JRhodes.  2020.  Film music in the sound era : a research and information guide.. :1volume;.
Lee M.  2022.  Music in the horror films of Val Lewton . :1onlineresource(x,213pages.)..
Ledsham I.  2018.  A catalogue of the Shaw-Hellier Collection in the Music Library, Barber Institute of Fine Arts, the University of Birmingham . :1onlineresource:.
Ledesma-Gómez F, Moreno-Díaz J-M.  2019.  De su vocal magisterio. Estudios sobre el polifonista ursaonés Alonso Lobo. :376.
Lederer V.  2021.  Berlioz : a listener's guide /. no. 34:170pages;.
Leaver RA.  2017.  The whole church sings : congregational singing in Luther's Wittenberg /. :xiv,206pages:.
Leaver RA.  2018.  Bach and the counterpoint of religion . volume 12:x,157pages:.
Leaver RA.  2021.  Bach studies : liturgy, hymnology, and theology /. :1onlineresource(xvii,394pages).
Leary JP.  2015.  Folksongs of another America : field recordings from the Upper Midwest, 1937-1946 /. :xxi,430pages:.
Leaf D.  2022.  God only knows : the story of Brian Wilson, the Beach Boys and the California myth /. :469pages:.
Leach G, Graham-Jones I.  2012.  British composer profiles : a biographical dictionary of past British composers, 1800-2010 /. :viii,249pages:.
Leach J.  2019.  Wisdom for Worship Bands : Advice from Unexpected Places /. W239:28pages;.
Leach R.  2019.  Russian futurist theatre : theory and practice /. :1volume:.
Leach EEva, Mason JW, Thomson MP.  2022.  A medieval songbook : Trouvère MS C /. 24:xviii,264pages:.