Folksongs of another America : field recordings from the Upper Midwest, 1937-1946 /

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p.xxi, 430 pages : (2015)



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Consists of multimedia boxed set with 1 cloth book, 5 music CDs, and 1 documentary DVD."Each track begins with basic information: track number, title, performer/speaker, instrumentation, recordist/collector, recording location and date, transcriber/translator/annotator, and disc number in the Archive of American Folk Song (now the Archive of Folk Culture), part of the American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress"--Introduction.Includes bibliographical references (pages 400-411) and index.Folksongs of Another America : An Introduction -- Pigtown Fling : The Sidney Robertson Recordings -- The River in the Pines : The Wisconsin Lumberjack Recordings -- Harps and Accordions : The Alan Lomax Recordings -- Alan Lomax Goes North : "The Most Fertile Source" -- When the Dance Is Over : The Helene Stratman-Thomas Recordings, Part One -- My Father Was a Dutchman : The Helene Stratman-Thomas Recordings, Part Two.DVD. Alan Lomax goes north : "The most fertile source." The Wisconsin Lumberjacks: from Rice Lake and Ladysmith -- In August and September 1938, folklorist Alan Lomax traveled Michigan recording "a thousand songs" for the Library of Congress -- Serbs: Detroit area -- Croatians: Copper Country (THe Floriani Tamburitza Group) -- French Canadians: Baraga -- Finns: Upper Peninsula -- "Enough material for years of work.""Available here for the first time is the remarkably diverse folk music of America's Upper Midwest, captured in field recordings by collectors for the Library of Congress from 1937 to 1946. This landmark multimedia work challenges and considerably broadens popular and scholarly understanding of folk music in American culture. Although Eastern, Southern, and Western musical traditions are familiar to fans of American roots music, the restored images and performances of Folksongs of Another America weave the songs and spirit of the Upper Midwest's peoples into the nation's folksong fabric. - 187 songs and tunes, digitally restored - Songs in more than 25 languages, with full original lyrics and English translations - More than 200 performers, with biographical notes and many photographs"--Publisher description.