Untouchable girls : the Topp Twins's story

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Allen & Unwin, Auckland, New Zealand, p.320 (2023)




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<p>The incredible story of how a couple of country kids from Huntly became much-loved Kiwi icons and TV stars, with their own unique brand of original country music and comedy that has captivated audiences in New Zealand and overseas for more than 40 years.</p><p>Jools and Lynda Topp aka The Topp Twins tell this story in their own words, describing their adventurous lives through laugh-out-loud anecdotes and heartwarming tales.</p><p>As well as enjoying long careers as country music stars and comedians, with their characters like Camp Mother &amp; Camp Leader and Ken &amp; Ken, the twins have always stood up for their political beliefs and have been embraced by New Zealanders from all walks of life.</p><p>Including never-before-told stories and images, this is a nostalgic and important historic record of the lives of two ground-breaking and inspiring women, and of the times through which they've lived.</p><p>&nbsp;publisers note</p>