Performing indigenous culture on stage and screen : a harmony of frenzy

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New York: Palgrave Macmillan, United States, p.xiii, 242 (2016)



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791.0993 SCHU

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OCLC: 921864977


Maori in the performing arts


<p>"Examining corporeal expressions of indigenousness from an historical perspective, this book highlights the development of cultural hybridity in New Zealand via the popular&nbsp;performing&nbsp;arts, contributing new understandings of racial, ethnic, and gender identities through performance. The author offers an insightful and welcome examination of New Zealand&nbsp;performing&nbsp;arts via case studies of drama, music, and dance, performed both domestically and internationally. As these examples show, notions of modern New Zealand were shaped and understood in the creation and reception of popular&nbsp;culture. Highlighting embodied&nbsp;indigenous&nbsp;cultures of the past provides a new interpretation of the development of New Zealand's cultural history and adds an unexplored dimension in understanding the relationships between Māori and Pākehā throughout the late nineteenth and into the early twentieth centuries."--Amazon website.</p>