Organs & organists : their inside stories : all you (n)ever wanted to know : a composting of organic material

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Bonn : J. Butz Musikverlag, p.413 pages; colour illustrations (2017)


3928412213; 97833928412216

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OCLC 992556893


1952- anecdotes; Setchell, Jenny, Martin P. anecdotes, Organ (musical instrument); Organ (musical instrument) anecdotes; Organists anecdotes; Setchell


<p>Organs &amp; Organists: their inside stories. Although a comprehensive volume covering the world of the pipe organ this is far from a solemn or boring book! Filled with fascinating photos and entertaining text, this is a refreshing and different view of the organ world. What really goes on behind those beautiful organ facades? Why are there so many keyboards? What happens when organs go wrong? What happens when an organist gets locked in a building overnight? Join Jenny Setchell as she unravels these and many other mysteries of the King of Instruments! Lively cartoons by Al Nisbet and more than 450 photos help unveil the secrets of this wondrous machine. Whether you are fascinated by the instrument, the music, or are just curious, this book offers a compelling peek into a hidden world. [publishers blurb]</p>