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Zagreb : Školska knjiga , Croatia (2019)






<p>The book <i>Music and Copyright</i> is the first comprehensive scientific work on music copyright written by a Croatian author. It is based on his doctoral dissertation.</p><p>The book gives a brief historical review of the emergence and development of music and genres of music, and defines musical work as intangible property and sets out and explains the institutional frameworks for protecting music.</p><p>In addition, the book presents a historical review of the emergence of the music industry and, based on available documentation and legal solutions, positioned the music industry in the Republic of Croatia.</p><p>Its position in the economy of the Republic of Croatia and in the sector of creative industries has been determined, and warned of its rising strength, even in times of economic crises and recessions.</p><p>The book also identifies stakeholders in the music industry in the Republic of Croatia, both primary and secondary, and explains the notion of monetizing (monetizing) a piece of music in a collective protection system.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>