The dead people I have known

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Victoria University Press, Wellington, New Zealand, p.406 (2019)


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Alernative rock musicians New Zealand Dunedin biography, Alternative rock music New Zealand Dunedin, Autobiographies','Carter, Shayne, Dimmer (musical group), Double Happys (musical group), Straightjacket Fits(musical group)


<p>"In Dead People I Have Known, the legendary New Zealand musician Shayne Carter tells the story of a life in music, taking us deep behind the scenes and songs of his riotous teenage bands Bored Games and the Doublehappys and his best-known bands Straitjacket Fits and Dimmer. He traces an intimate history of the Dunedin Sound—that distinctive jangly indie sound that emerged in the seventies, heavily influenced by punk—and the record label Flying Nun."--Publisher's description.</p>