Contemporary rock formations : rock elements in classical music

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Montreal, Quebec (2015)


appreciation, Music--20th century--Analysis, Music--21st century--Analysis


<p>Contemporary classical pieces that bridge the divide between classical and rock can do so with the inclusion of various rock elements. Inclusion of these elements has been generally frowned upon, as modern classical composers are encouraged to write music that is abstract, bizarre, and different from anything heard before. When composers do include rock elements in their music, it is important to be able to recognize and categorize these elements for an informed interpretation. This study examines the inclusion of selected rock elements in two contemporary classical keyboard pieces: Steven Gellman’s “Keyboard Triptych” for synthesizer and piano, 1 player, and Kris Becker’s “Piano Sonata No. 1”. The study serves as a guide for other performers exploring other rock-influenced works for a more complete picture of the music, discouraging blind focus solely on classical elements.</p>