Voices found : free jazz and singing /

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London : Routledge,, United Kingdom , p.1 online resource : (2019)


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Free jazz, History and criticism., Jazz vocals, Vocal improvisation (Music)


Includes bibliographical references and index.<P>Introduction: Extended, Extra-normal, and Everyday Voices / <B>PART I Sources / </B>1 Interdisciplinary Women and Experimental Voice / In Their Own Words I - Christine Jeffrey, Phil Minton, Maggie Nicols / 2 Music Technologies and Vocal Finding / 3 Scat to Sumac to Sanders: Materialities and Sources in Soundsinging / <B>PART II Theories / </B>4 Vocal Village: The Rise of a New Transnational Vocal Jazz Community / In Their Own Words II - David Moss, Anna Homler, Jaap Blonk, Paul Dutton / 5 The Policing of the non-Human Voice / 6 Radical Inclusivity and the Participatory Politics of Improvising Choirs / In Their Own Words III - Christine Duncan, Mankwe Ndosi, Tomomi Adachi, Fay Victor, Gabriel Dharmoo, DB Boyko / Conclusion: A Short Prayer for Social Virtuosity</P>Description based on CIP data; resource not viewed.