Performing popular music : the art of creating memorable and successful performances /

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London : Routledge,, United Kingdom, p.1 online resource : (2019)


9780429505560 (ebook) :

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Instruction and study., Music, Performance., Popular music, Vocational guidance.


<P>Introduction  </P><P><STRONG>Section 1 - Creating Memorable Performances</STRONG>  </P><P>1. What Makes a Performance Memorable?  </P><P>2. Creating Memorable Live Performances  </P><P>3. The Role of Personal Practice in Preparing for Your Performance  </P><P>4. Rehearsing in a Group  </P><P>5. Your Audience  </P><P>6. Working as a Musician  </P><P><STRONG>Section 2 - Making the Money: The Business of the Live Music Industry</STRONG>  </P><P>7. The Players in the Live Music Industry  </P><P>8. Earning an Income in the Live Music Industry  </P><P>9. Planning Your Product  </P><P>10. Technology and Live Performance  </P><P>11. Getting the Gigs: Promotion, Travel, Contracts, and Talking Business  </P><P>12. The Unwritten Rules of Music Performance  </P><P>Conclusion  </P><P><EM>Glossary</EM></P><P><EM>Bibliography</EM></P><P><EM>Index</EM></P>Description based on CIP data; resource not viewed.