The screen music of Trevor Jones : technology, process, production /

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London : Routledge,, United Kingdom , p.1 online resource. (2020)

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History and criticism., Motion picture music


Includes bibliographical references and index.<B><P>Table of Contents</P><P></P></B><I><P>List of Figures</P><P>List of Tables</P><P>Foreword by Trevor Jones</P><P>Acknowledgements</P><P></P></I><P>Introduction</P><P>Part One: Jones's Early Career (1978-1987)</P><P>Chapter One: Musical Education and the National Film School</P><P>Chapter Two: Breaking into the Industry</P><P>Part Two: The 'Toolkit' Years (1987-1993)</P><P>Chapter Three: Alan Parker and the Development of the Toolkit</P><P>Chapter Four: Towards a Mainstream Sound</P><P>Part Three: Mainstream Scoring (1993-2004)</P><P>Chapter Five: Hollywood Blockbusters Part One</P><P>Chapter Six: Hollywood Blockbusters Part Two</P><P>Chapter Seven: Music for Television</P><P>Part Four: Recent Projects (2004-)</P><P>Chapter Eight: A Brief Foray into Video Games</P><P>Chapter Nine: Work in Diverse Areas of Screen Programming</P><P>Conclusions</P><P>Trevor Jones's Filmography</P><P>Bibliography</P><P>Index</P>Also issued in print format.