Australian metal music : identities, scenes, and cultures /

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Australia, Australia., Heavy metal (Music), History and criticism., Rock groups, Rock musicians


Critical Introduction: What is 'Australian' about Australian Heavy Metal?; Catherine Hoad  PART I: Australian Metal Identities: Masculine Genealogies and Trajectories  Chapter 1. Heavy Metal Kids: A Historiographical Exploration of Australian Proto-heavy Metal in the 1960s-70s; Paul 'Nazz' Oldham   Chapter 2. 'A Blaze in the Northern Suburbs': Australian Extreme Metal's Larrikinish Lineage; Sam Vallen  Chapter 3. 'We're Just Normal Dudes': Hegemonic Masculinity, Australian Identity, and Parkway Drive; Samuel Whiting, Paige Klimentou, and Ian Rogers PART II: Australian Metal Scenes in the East and West  Chapter 4. 'I Think Sydney's Pretty Shit': Melbourne Grindcore Fans and Their Others; Rosemary Overell   Chapter 5. Frontierswomen and the Perth Scene: Female Metal Musicians on the 'Western Front' and the Construction of the Gothic Sublime; Laura Glitsos  PART III: Cultures of Resistance in Australian Metal  Chapter 6. Creeping Sharia: An Extreme Response to Islamophobia; Can Yalcinkaya and Safdar Ahmed   Chapter 7. 'This is the Funeral of the Earth': The 'Dead-end' Environmental Discourses of Australian Ecometal; Ian Collinson  Afterword. Being Metal, Being Australian? Reflections and an Afterword; Karl Spracklen  Appendix A. Seminal Australian Metal Albums: A List by the Contributors.Description based on CIP data; resource not viewed.