Music and consciousness 2 : worlds, practices, modalities /

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Oxford : Oxford University Press,, United Kingdom, p.xiv, 335 pages : (2019)



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(OCoLC)fst00875441, (OCoLC)fst01030408, (OCoLC)fst01030418, Consciousness., fast, Music, Philosophy and aesthetics., Psychological aspects.


Formerly CIP.Includes bibliographical references and index.I. Music, consciousness, and the Four Es. 1. Situated approaches to musical experience, Christoph Seibert -- 2. Cognitive extension and musical consciousness, Lawrence Zbikowski -- 3. Music as affective scaffolding, Joel Krueger -- 4. Empathy and the ecology of musical consciousness, Eric Clarke -- 5. Feeling at one: Socio-affective distribution, vibe and dance music consciousness, Maria A. G. Witek -- 6. Entangled: Strange loops of action, attention, awareness and affect in musical improvisation, David Borgo -- II. Consciousness in musical practice. 7. Performative passivity. Lessons on phenomenology and the extended musical mind with the Danish String Quartet, Simon Hoffding -- 8. Music, Phenomenology, and 'the natural attitude': analysing Sibelius, thinking with Husserl, reflecting on Dennett, David Clarke -- 9. Practical time consciousness in musical performance, Mark Doffman -- 10. The interplay between conscious and subconscious processes during expert musical improvisation, Martin Norgaard -- 11. Conscious and non-conscious aural perception in music performance: an embodied perspective, Robert Harris and Bauke M. de Jong -- 12. What kind of conscious activity is 'listening to music'? A contribution from Theodor Adorno by way of psychoanalysis, Shierry Weber Nicholsen -- III. Kinds of musical consciousness. 13. Absorption and openness to experience: an everyday tale of traits, states and consciousness change with music, Ruth Herbert -- 14. The impact of musical structure on enjoyment and absorptive listening states in trance music, Kat Agres, Louis Bigo, and Dorien Herremans -- 15. Musical imagery and the temporality of consciousness, Freya Bailes -- 16. Dual consciousness and unconsciousness: the structure and spirituality of polymetric tabla compositions, Vivek Virani -- 17. (Un)consciousness? Music in the Daoist context of non-being, Lanlan Kuang.